Want to keep me in jail?

I am going to be voluntarily locked up in jail. For every twenty cents raised, I will serve a minute of jail time. My guess is that I will not have to serve very much time, but I may be wrong. I am prepared to live with the consequences of my choice. I will be on a live feed that will continue throughout the term of my imprisonment.

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This is the book that my jerk of a friend, Jacob Jenson wrote. I am mad at him because he came up with the idea to write a book about his life as a gay and kinky Mormon before I did. Now the idiot will make a million dollars on a best seller and probably get a big Hollyweird movie deal. Life sucks sometimes. At least he was good enough to share in his profits if I help to promote his book. So please buy this book! It is a story that is truly stranger than fiction. It will make you cry, laugh, and it will also make you mad at how a lot of self righteous people think. It is a story that really needed to be told. I am just sorry that he beat me to it. Just read the book.  Make sure that you read mine too. 

Detention required so far. 

Jail time was scheduled to start November 15, but Bind recently suffered an injury which required major surgery. He still plans to make good and do this when he has recovered enough to be able to. He is hoping to serve his time in December or January, but this will be determined by his recovery process.  "The Innocence Project" will be receiving 50% of your donations to his incarceration. The rest will pay for the jail time. 

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Home Sweet Jail

The Man Who Lives in a Jail and likes it

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Based on true events, Mark Bind presents a fresh, quirky, and funny book about his crazy quest to find a jail that he could live in. The book is written in a casual conversational style and is loaded with humor, personal observations, his opinions about life, and a ridiculous story that can be described in just one word: weird!